konvoi snowboards splitboard splitboarding special deal black and white nevado

We want you to go out and get those turns. No lifts necessary. Just a little bit of motivation and leg power.

Special deals are special deals are special deals. They come unexpected and always have a special reason as you won't see normal discounts from us any time soon.

This time it's one special test board and one exhibition board.

To be precise:

On the left we have a NEVADO 169 Splitboard with a medium size Union Expedition 2.0 binding. Guess you can determine the colour yourself. Only five NEVADO 169 splitboards were made with white topsheets and never sold officially. This board has been on five tours and has no real marks of use and is freshly waxed. Same goes for the binding besides the waxing part.

We recommend this board for riders starting at 77 kilo and up to shoesize 45. And yes, this board is much more agile then the length might suggest.

Regular price: Board including skins 830 €, Binding 360 €, Crampons 110 €. Total 1300 €.

Special deal: 1030€

On the right we have a NEVADO 153 Splitboard with Plum Eterlou size S binding. Both board and bindings are unridden, just been touched quite a bit at exhibitions, of course prior to any viral viruses.

We recommend this board for riders starting at 55 kilo and up to shoesize 40.

Regular price: Board including skins 830 €, Binding including Crampons 767 €. Total 1597 €.

Special deal: 1300€


Both boards come as seen meaning board, bindings, skins, crampons, so more than just ready to ride, ready for everything, my friends.

First come, first serve. Just reach out and go for those turns.