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The will to explore is always there. And as much as i love to explore the outoors, i simply can't get enough of exploring new ways of designing and contruction boards in the workshop. Snowboards, skateboards, splitboards, powsurf devices or what not, i'm in.

This time i teamed up with Niklas Krause, the motivated and capable man behind otio handshapes.

Together we created a powdersurf board based on surfboard construction. It wan't easy for me to skip the woodcore, but as the goal was to mix up things a bit and get some ideas for future projects i didn't hesitate for long. But i simply had to refrain from skipping the p-tex base as a fast glide definitely adds to the fun.

The picture was taken in Niklas's small but well-equipped shaping bay in Heilbronn, when he was close to finish the work on the bottom channels. I was suprised by how well it turned out, as the lighting was far from perfect. Thanks Niklas, hope we catch some white waves together at some point.