KONVOI COLON 147 Powdersurfer

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Your light-footed ready for everything powdersurfer.

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Motivated to enjoy the full potential of a bindingless board?

Wanting to ride everything from easy to challenging terrain?
Having a hard to decide on one of the Konvoi powdersurfer models?
The COLON is your way to feel at ease no matter what you prefer to ride sans bindings.
Super light and built to last. Easy to manoeuvre and control thanks to 147cm of functional 3D design and purpose-developed pads.
Just take this powsurfer to any mountain offering some fluffy white and enjoy the bindingless bliss.

Length:         147,0

Nose Width:   32,7
Waist Width:   27,9
Tail Width:      29,8
Radius:         700,0
All Konvoi powdersurfer are served ready to ride. The package includes optimized traction pads and an appropriate leash.
Ideally you are certain of your choice when placing an order. If you need further information or specific advice, feel free to get in touch with me.
Am besten ist es, wenn du bei der Bestellung voll und ganz von deiner Wahl überzeugt bist. Du kannst dich gerne jederzeit für eine individuelle Beratung, oder ausführlichere Informationen bei mir melden.
ben[at]konvoisnowboards.com       +49 151 453 616 12
Check the blog for upcoming opportunities to test the boards on snow and more bona fide info.
NameKONVOI COLON 147 Powdersurfer
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